Hi, I'm Marianna!

…but you can call me Miss Social!

I'm the founder of The Social Studio, and I'm happy to welcome you to my Social World; a world where quality is the best business strategy of all.

I'm an individual with a passion for details and creativity - details and creativity make me happy (well, chocolate too)!

As a professional, I believe in the transformative power of communication, storytelling and authenticity. They have the ability to generate opportunities, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere.

With a background in Marketing, Event Management, Wedding Planning and the Media, my mission is to help you achieve your goals and prove that everything you can imagine is real! Let's create, together!


Marketing Specialist, Certified Event Manager & Wedding Planner

to Create

The Social Studio

We dare to think big and not afraid to be different!

We are a Cyprus based boutique creative agency, specializing in Marketing, Event Management and Wedding Planning, providing a comprehensive range of bespoke services to clients all around the world.

As full-time perfectionists passionate with bringing creative concepts into life, we believe that growth is an ongoing process and possibilities are infinite.

Moreover, we pursue to unlock creativity and produce experiences, whilst developing
and delivering projects that push the limits of what our clients can accomplish.

At The Social Studio, we take pride in our collaborative and transparent approach to client relationships; Our clients are our partners. We are The Social Studio, but more than everything, we are a team...Your Team!


Some of our clients